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Travian attack builder for 3.5 server bug fix

This scripts does ‘t work anymore,… you may follow this link

ok, before you following this guide, you must install greasemonkey and Travian attack builder for 3.5 server first

in this update:

  • fixed error unable get active village (for multiple village)
  • fixed delay in arrival time

note: this script has been tested on

(step by step)

  1. in firefox, open Tools->Greasemonkey->Manage user scripts.
  2. after opening new window, select “Tavian attack builder for 3.5 server” script, and click edit button.
  3. download and extract file
  4. open file update2.txt with your favorite editor like (notepad, kate or gedit)
  5. replace and save the original script with update script.
  6. enjoy it..

this is for the test…

attack builder 1

if arrival time equals with your time, this information will show in the bottom of your page

attack builder 2

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